Hello! My name is Monica.  I started this blog and website to track gift ideas I have for people around me as well as share these ideas with others who may be struggling to find the perfect gift.   I try to pay attention to hints people drop of things they like or want for potential gifts, but there are still those who stump me.  These are ideas I have based on things I’ve come across, and hope you find it helpful.  I welcome any new suggestions as well – I often do find myself scouring the web for ideas for people that are super hard to shop for.

I’m married to my husband Daniel (one of those super hard to shop for people) and have two young children.  I try to tap into what’s new out there and love finding new gadgets.  I enjoy craft projects (don’t have as much time anymore with the kids), baking (again, don’t have as much time anymore due to kids), playing video games (see previous parentheses).  I have a broad range of interests – from guilty pleasures like watching every show on Bravo to fantasy football.